PEL Research Interests

The research interests of the Power Electronics Laboratory are in the broad area of the Electrical Energy Generation, Conversion and Storage. In particular, we are interested into High Power Electronics Technologies for Medium Voltage applications, those operating with voltages in kV range, currents in kA range and powers in MW range. Power Electronics is one of the key-enabling technologies for the future energy systems, as it offers unprecedented flexibility for the integration and control of various electrical sources, storage elements or loads into the grid. This is equally valid for the present-day AC grids as well as for emerging concepts of DC grids, or inevitable mix of both in the near future.

To achieve controllable, reliable and efficient electrical energy conversion by means of advanced power electronic converters, we optimally use, but also influence and drive forward, advancements in different areas. These multidisciplinary considerations include: power semiconductors (e.g. Si, SiC, GaN), passive components (e.g. magnetics), insulation materials, mathematical modeling, simulations and optimization of power electronic systems, advanced control methods, etc.

Upcoming Events

APEC2019, March 17 – 21, 2019, Anaheim, CA, USA

Mr. Yan-Kim Tran will present a paper: “Open-Loop Power Sharing of Three-Port DC-DC Resonant Converters”.

Mr. Dragan Stamenkovic will present a paper: “Soft Switching Behaviour of IGCT for Resonant Conversion”.

PCIM 2019, May 07 – 09, 2019, Nuremberg, Germany

Prof. Drazen Dujic and Mr. Marko Mogorovic will give a seminar: “High Power Medium Frequency Transformer Design Optimization”.

Mr. Seongil Kim will present a paper: “Marine DC Power Distribution Networks”.

Mr. Marko Petkovic will present a paper: “Benchmark Study on Impedance Identification Methods for Grid Connected Converters”.

Mr. Milan Utvic will present a paper: “Low Voltage Modular Multilevel Converter Sub-Module for Medium Voltage Applications”.

Mr. Marko Mogorovic will present a paper: “Computationally Efficient Leakage Inductance Estimation of Multi-Winding Medium Frequency Transformers”.

European PhD School, May 20 – 24, 2019, Gaeta, Italy

Prof. Drazen Dujic will give a lecture: “Medium Frequency Transformer Design Optimization for Solid State Transformers”.

ICPE 2019 ECCE ASIA, May 27 – 30, 2019, Busan, Korea

Prof. Drazen Dujic and Mr. Marko Mogorovic will give a tutorial: “High Power Medium Frequency Transformer Design Optimization”.

Mr. Stefan Milovanovic will present a paper: “Unidirectional High-Power DC-DC Converter Utilizing Scott Transformer Connection”.

Mr. Marko Mogorovic will present a paper: “Modeling And Experimental Verification of Geometry Effects on Core Losses”.

Mr. Dragan Stamenkovic will present a paper: “Soft Switching Resonant Conversion with IGCT”.

PCIM ASIA, June 26 – 28, 2019, Shanghai, China

Prof. Drazen Dujic will give a keynote: “Electric Vehicles Charging – An Ultrafast Overview”.

PhD Summer School, August 12 – 16, 2019, Mont-Soleil, Switzerland

Prof. Drazen Dujic will give a lecture: “Classical and Advanced Power Electronic Solutions for the Network Integration”.

EPE’19 ECCE Europe, September 2 – 6, 2019, Genova, Italy

Prof. Drazen Dujic, Mr. Stefan Milovanovic and Dr. Alexandre Christe (ABB, Sweden) will give a tutorial: “MMC-based Converters for MVDC Applications”.

Mr. Milan Utvic will present a paper: “Flexible Medium Voltage DC Source Utilizing Series Connected Modular Multilevel Converters”.

Latest News

A transformer to drive the transition from AC to DC


EPFL researchers have developed a compact and efficient medium-frequency transformer. Their device is poised to enhance the flexibility and efficiency of tomorrow’s smart grids and DC power distribution networks. An EPFL-made prototype